Vox AC30: beige cabinets and copper panels

Late 1962-1963: serial numbers in the 6000s

An early copper panel.

Towards the end of 1962, Vox contracted out a proportion of the assembly of AC30 chassis to Burndept Electronics in Erith. Later, in early 1965, Jennings would move into Burndept's building - the "West Street Works".

A sure sign of production by Burndept is the presence of a stamped serial number on the chassis in front of the output transformer.

Detail of serial number 6097, below. Chassis numbers begin at 1000, but they were not used in any particular order.

Also indicative of production by Burndept at this stage is the presence of Woden transformers with handsome green shrouds. The earliest batches date from autumn '62.

Output transformer of serial number 6097. "66310" is the Jennings part number (for re-ordering). The transformers were specially made for JMI and do not figure in amps made by other makers. The date code is "JT" = September 1962.

The Woden part numbers were, in order: mains transformer no. 66309; output transformer no. 66310; and the choke no. 66311.

Other chassis were assembled for Vox by Westrex in North London (Dollis Hill). For certain batches of AC30, Westrex used dark brown Dubilier resistors, rather than the white Eries employed by Burndept. Note their presence in serial number 6310, below. It is too early to say whether from time to time Westrex also used Wodens.

Cabinets are mostly beige, though there are some in smooth grey charcoal or dark grey pebble covering. Back boards should have square corners.

Speakers continue to be the Celestion blue (alnico magnet, Celestion part no. T530). As before, serial number plates are hand stamped.

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Serial number 602x N - currently in Japan

Serial number 6023 N - currently in the UK

Serial number 6041 B - currently in the UK

The number on the serial plate said to be 6041B. The grey panel chassis is certainly later, perhaps the box too with its corner protectors.

Serial number 6097 N - currently in the USA

Note that the back boards have rounded corners. The date codes on the Celestions are "KG" and "LG" = October and November 1962. Date codes on the Woden transformers are "HT" and "JT" = August and September 1962.

Serial number 6117 N - currently in the USA

Transformers are Albions.

Serial number 6172 N - currently in the UK

Currently . Covering originally beige. Original Woden transformers in place, date code "LT" = November 1962.

Serial number 6310 N - currently in Australia

Mains transformer and choke are Haddons, the output transformer Albion. Thanks to Guy for the pictures.

Serial number 6313 - currently in the USA


Serial number 6371 N - currently in the USA

Smooth black vinyl.

Serial number 6424 B - currently in Spain

Serial number 6529 N - currently in the UK

The cabinet now divided in two. Smooth grey covering. Woden transformers, date codes unfortunately not visible. Further .

Serial number 6639 N - currently in the UK

Black pebble covering. Probably the original Celestion blues in place.

Serial number 6715 B - currently in the USA

Cabinet covered with black smooth pebble charcoal covering.

Serial number 6792 N - currently in the USA

Replaced grille cloth and speakers. The box and chassis look to be original - note the fine dark charcoal pebble vinyl of the cabinet.

Serial number 6804 N - currently in Europe


Serial number 6920 N - currently in the UK

Black "pebble" or "dimpled" vinyl, leather handles. The transformers are Albions. One of the blue Hunts capacitors in the preamp has the date code "T HH" = 42nd week of 1962 = 15th-19th October, assuming that the Hunts factory was closed on Saturdays.

Serial number 6929 B - currently in Japan

Cabinet covered with black smooth pebble charcoal covering. Top boost added on the back panel.


Serial number 6932 N - currently in the USA

Original red vinyl.

Serial number unknown - currently in the UK

With its original red cover. Woden transformer date code "LT" = November 1962. Celestion date code "LG" = November 1962.