Vox AC30: grey panels, Celestion silvers

Late 1964 and early 1965: serial numbers in the 17000s

Serial number 17155. Woden output transformer with date code "JV" = September 1964.

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Control panels are grey. No example of a copper panel in this range has yet come to light. New-style dome voltage selectors occur as standard, as they are for most amps with serial number in the 16000s. Chassis were assembled by Burndept, the contract with Westrex having ended in early 1965, shortly after JMI's move (expansion) into Burndept's West Street Factory in Erith - the "West Street Works". Grille cloth remains brown.

Serial number 17180 was purchased new in January 1965.

The four models are still: "TB" for "Top Boost", designated "TB" on the serial number plate, the circuit's controls normally integral in the control panel; "Treble" designated with a "T"; "N" for "Normal" voicing, and "B" for Bass. The three last had their own schematics, in order: OS/056, OS/065 and OS/057. Some notes on the treble circuit, which was new in 1964, can be found .

A growing collection of documents relating to the AC30 in 1965 .

Significant component date codes in amps on this page are mostly of later 1964: second and third quarters of '64 ("B/64", "B4N" and "C4N") for Mullard "mustard" caps; "JV" and "KV" = September and October 1964 for Woden transformers.

Transformers are Albions, Parmekos, and the new Wodens (with a simplified internal construction) - .

Celestion silver alnicos - the T1088 - designed for JMI in the Spring of 1964 are standard. Serial number 17155 retains one its original drivers, date code "MJ" = December 1964.

Serial number plates are normally machine stamped. The voicing - "N", "T" or "B" - is still hand stamped, however.

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Serial number 17135 T - currently in the UK

Chassis number 9134. Grey panel; brown grille cloth. Mullard mustard capacitors mainly have the date code "C4N" = third quarter of 1964. The Woden transformers have "JV" and "KV" = September and October 1964.

Serial number 17155 T - currently in Germany

Grey control panel. New-style dome voltage selector. Still brown grille cloth. Currently there is one Celestion blue and one Celestion silver, the blue perhaps being a later replacement. The silver T1088 has the date code "16MJ" = 16th December 1964. The Woden choke and output transformer have the date code "JV" = September 1964.

Serial number 17180 T - currently in the UK

Sold on ebay some years ago. Grey control panel. New-style dome voltage selector. The original Vox packing box survives. Bought new in January 1965.

Serial number 17294 T - currently in Sweden

No details at present.

Serial number 17331 T - currently in the UK

Serial number 17440 - currently in the USA

Existence recorded by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 17451 T - currently in Holland

Grey panel; dome voltage selector. Celestion silvers. Originally sold by Servaas Muziekhandel in The Hague.

Serial number 17465 T - currently in the UK (?)

Old pics from ebay.

Serial number 17545 T - currently in Sweden

No details at present.

Serial number 17629 - currently in the UK

Old pics from ebay. The speakers are from an older AC30 (autumn 1960).

Serial number 17656 B - currently in Sweden

Chassis produced by Westrex. The mustard capacitors have date codes "B4N" and "C4N" = second and third quarters of 1964. Woden choke has "JV" = September 1964, and the output transformer "KV" = October 1964. The Hunts capacitors have "HNT", "HST" and "IUT", respectively 25th, 27th and 36th weeks of 1964, .

Serial number 17758 B - currently in the UK

Chassis number 8337. The Woden mains transformer has the date code "HV" = August 1964. Note the presence of the new but short-lived format of voltage selector (also found on certain AC10s and AC50s) - an enclosed dome case, but a slot in top to aid turning. The original EL84s that came with the amp have date code "B3J1" = 1st week of October 1963; two of the ECC83s, date code "B3E1" = 1st week of May 1963; and the GZ34 rectifier valve, "B2K3" = 3rd week of November 1962. Thanks to Rolf for pictures and info.

Serial number 17843 B - currently in Europe

Serial numbers unknown