A copper panel top boost amp, modified after 1965

An unusual copper panel in-panel top boost AC30 now in an early beige case, the case with leather handles and square corners for the back boards.

The drivers are Fanes with heavy duty labels - the type of labels one normally finds on the the 15" drivers fitted in Expanded Frequency AC30s.

It is not wholly clear what purpose the additional panel on the back of the amp servese. It has its own input, so perhaps a further boost unit of some sort. If the valve in the shielded unit added on the shelf is an EF86, the circuit (which has its own volume control) may replicate in part that of the AC30/4. One of the pots has the date code "JL" = November 1964. The panel is a cut down panel from an early AC50 or AC80/100

Given the date code on the pot, the amp as it stands cannot really have been brought into being before early 1965. Conceivably it may be the brainwave of Alan Pyne, who took over 119 Dartford Road in the 1970s - allowing of course that he made a special effort to make the wiring neat (not his normal practice).