Vox AC30: coloured covers


The Beatles with Syvlie Vartan, Paris, January 1964. Note the coloured AC30 covers at left - maroon/red for the Super Twin head and brown for the speaker cabinet. This amp belonged to one of the acts on the bill (not The Beatles). Picture from Getty Images, colour corrected (as far as possible).

A still from "A Hard Day's Night". In the background, the (black?) covers of one of the early AC50s, white VOX logo in cursive, along with "Precision Sound Equipment".

Note that early covers - 1962 and 1963 - tend not to have a "VOX" logo on them.

Up to 1965 and probably some way beyond, the handle openings are edged in light brown or russet coloured leather. Thereafter, when covers are generally black (colours having been phased out), black leather is used.


On the left, serial number 5329 with its original green amplifier cover. On the right, serial number 9979 with a green cover for the speaker cabinet and dark brown for the amp.

A stray green cover for an early AC30/6 Super Twin amplifier section. Heavy, very pliable, "leatherette" ("plasti-leather").


No details of the amplifier within at present. Could just be an AC15. AC50 mark 1 and early T60 covers are known in this colour.


By far the most common. Some covers have evidently darkened slightly, but generally the colour has held good.

Beige AC30, c. 1962/1963, with its original red cover.

Serial number 8243, late 1963.

First half of 1964. Stencilled with VOX in white cursive letters. Brown and black covers are also known with the logo in this form.

Second half of 1964. The cover is redder than these pictures suggest.

Super Twin serial number 2739T


Mid 1964. Dark brown with white cursive VOX logo. A set of AC50 mark 1 covers survives in this colour.

Second half of 1964. Plain chocolate brown. LS40 column speakers also in this colour.

Late 1964 / early 1965.


Late 1964. Serial number 14317T.

Different from above - no leather surrounds to the handles and no piping. Probably for an AC15, but could be from an AC30.


1964. A rare example of an AC30 Expanded Frequency cover. Heavy vinyl; VOX logo in small letters.