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As JMI's main drive was the new solid state line, the AC30 only figures in advertising occasionally. In 1967 most gigging bands tended to want (as a generalisation) amplifiers with greater power. In the USA, Vox valve amps had largely been superceded by the Thomas Organ solid state line. New exports were pretty negligible. But the northern European markets - the Netherlands, Germany, and Scandinavia - were still strong, along with Spain and Italy.

The small ads gathered below are at present principally from "Melody Maker" magazine, chosen simply to give a snapshot of the prices and types of AC30s sold by shops, for the most part in 1967 second-hand.

The average price for a used AC30 again hovers around the £60-£70 mark, substantially less than the retail list prices, which began at £132. Pan Music on Wardour Street, as in previous years, appears to have been the largest seller and reseller of AC30s in Central London. The cheapest Twin encountered so far though was listed in August by Len Stiles: £40 ("Melody Maker", 5th August).

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"Fort Worth Star Telegram", 6th January, 1967. The AC30 SRT offered at the unusually low price of $359.00 was a demo model. In early 1967, Thomas Organ and its dealers had moved over pretty well entirely to selling the solid state amps built in Los Angeles (Sepulveda). JMI models do crop up from time to time as "bargains" though.

All from "Melody Maker", 14th January, 1967.

Len Stiles in Lewisham. "Melody Maker", 21st January, 1967.

"Sydney Morning Herald", 21st January, 1967 - an AC30, second-hand.

Catalogue specially printed in March 1967 for "Mufag", one of the three main Vox Dealers/Agents in West Germany in the late 1960s. The AC30 "Treble Boost" (i.e. "Top Boost") was the only version offered. In 1967 DM1698 = around £155.

Pan Music. "Melody Maker", 25th March, 1967. A Twin and a Super Twin for £60 each.

JMI catalogue of April 1967.

Covers of the JMI retail pricelist of April 1967.

AC30s, speaker cabinets, and covers in the JMI retail pricelist.

Len Stiles in Lewisham. "Melody Maker", 5th August, 1967. A Twin for £40.

"Melody Maker", 21st October, 1967. A rare AC30 Super Reverb Twin II (i.e. two 2x12" speaker cabinets.

"Melody Maker", 23rd December, 1967.