Vox AC30s in coloured vinyl

1963-1965 - copper and blue/grey panels

A rare colour picture of Freddie and the Dreamers, c. 1963, with Super Twins covered in smooth dark blue vinyl. Perhaps one of a series of photos taken on stage for publicity purposes. Further below, an AC30 in what is probably the same colour, sold by Heritage Auctions some time ago.

AC30s were done out in four main colours - deep blue, lighter blue, green, and red - produced either as special orders (for groups) or for promotional purposes: for Vox agents or main dealers to display in their shop windows.

"South Wales Echo", 27th April, 1963

Above, an advert placed by Gamlin Pianos in the "South Wales Echo", 27th April, 1963 - a promotional AC30 in "Bright Red". This may well be serial number 6932, below. The date would just about fit.

Whether particular colours were assigned to particular dealers - ie. red always for Gamlin, blue for Yardley's in Birmingham, say - is not known at present. There is no evidence to show that amps in coloured vinyl were exhibited at Trade Fairs. That was the role of the .

The pages on AC30s with serial numbers in the 7000s and 8000s, , and . Of the examples illustrated below, the AC30 in green is the only one to have a blue/grey control panel. The others all have copper.

If anyone knows of further early AC30s in coloured vinyl that should be incorporated on this page, .


The serial number plate - number 18155 - must come from another amplifier. Smooth dark blue vinyl. Notice how the covering has tightened with time over the radiused finger-jointed edges of the cabinet. Sold by Heritage Auctions a year or so ago.


Two AC30s in a lighter blue covering, both with brown grille cloth, both in Europe. The Twin originally had new-style black plastic handles. The Super Twin evidently had a bass logo directly beneath the VOX logo, as in the third picture below.

AC15 serial number 4965. Perhaps the same colour as the AC30s above. Could the amp have been one of those seen on stage behind Adam Faith at the Poll Winner's Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, 21st April, 1963?


Serial number unknown. Blue/grey amplifier control panel. Probably the original smooth green covering. Worn at the edges but still good. Original (ie. not new production) Shepherd's casters in place. The amplifier's red "plasti-leather" cover survives.


Serial number 6932 N, currently in the USA. Copper control panel; new style injection-moulded handles.

Perhaps the amp mentioned in the Gamlin Pianos advert further up this page.

Two Super Twins in red - serial numbers 7086 (currently in the USA) and 8274 (currently in the UK). Whether these were originally made for Trade Shows or as special orders is not known.

Serial number 7086N. Note the new-style plastic handle. Probably produced in mid 1963.

Two pictures of serial number 8274 (more to follow). Mid to late 1963. Note the Amphenol connector on the speaker cabinet.