Vox AC30: copper panels

Early to mid 1963: serial numbers in the 7000s

"Dimpled" or "pebble" vinyl.

Continued from the page on AC30s with . Amps on this page are mostly covered in black dimpled ("pebble") vinyl. Number 7109B may be one of the last in beige.

Towards the end of 1962, Vox contracted out a proportion of the assembly of AC30 chassis to Burndept Electronics in Erith. Later, in early 1965, Jennings would move into Burndept's building - the "West Street Works".

A sure sign of production by Burndept is the presence of a stamped serial number on the chassis in front of the output transformer, or on the aluminium upright of the preamp chassis.

Detail of serial number 6097. Chassis numbers begin at 1000, but they were not used in any particular order.

Also indicative of production by Burndept at this stage is the presence of Woden transformers with handsome green shrouds. The earliest batches date from autumn '62.

On the mains transformer above, "66309 & J/82" is the Jennings part number (for re-ordering). The transformers were specially made for JMI and do not figure in amps made by other makers. The date code is "AU" = January 1963.

The Woden part numbers were, in order: mains transformer no. 66309; output transformer no. 66310; and the choke no. 66311.

Other chassis were assembled for Vox by Westrex in North London (Dollis Hill). For certain batches of AC30, Westrex used dark brown Dubilier resistors, rather than the white Eries employed by Burndept. It is too early to say whether from time to time Westrex also used Wodens.

Cabinets, as has been mentioned, are mostly covered in dimpled or pebble black, sometimes charcoal, vinyl. By serial number 7316 back boards have radiused corners rather than square.

Speakers continue to be the Celestion blue (alnico magnet, Celestion part no. T530). As before, serial number plates are hand stamped.

The page on AC30s with serial numbers in the 5000s, , and the page on serial numbers in the .

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Serial number 7005 - currently in the USA

Smooth black covering. One of the potentiometers has the date code "AK" = January 1963. One of the blue Hunts preamp valve bypass capacitors has the date "SWH" = 51st week 1962.

Serial number 7040 - currently in the USA

Existence recorded by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 7061 B - currently in Europe

Chassis number 01689. The Woden transformers have date codes "AU" and "BU" = January and February 1963.

Serial number 7086 N - currently in the USA

Serial number 7086N. Original condition on the left; published condition on the right (vinyl restored in some way). Note the tell-tale marks on the grille cloth. A stand has been added. Note the new-style plastic handle = early 1963. One of a series of amps produced between 1962 and 1965 in coloured vinyl.

Serial number 7109 B - currently in the UK

At one time painted black, now brought back to the original beige. The Woden transformers have the date code "AU" = January 1963. The Celestion blue speakers are later, having date codes "12EJ" = 12th May 1964; and "15FJ" = 15th June 1964.

Serial number 7132 B - currently in the UK

Serial number 7162 N - currently in the USA

Serial number 7167 N- currently in the UK

A nice Super Twin amplifier section. Dimpled black vinyl. Factory top boost. Thanks to Sean for the pictures.

Serial number 7290 - currently in the USA

Existence recorded by Jim Elyea.


Serial number 7292 N - currently in the UK

Sold on ebay.uk some time ago. Original round footswitch still present.


Serial number 7298 N - currently in the USA

Currently (September 2020) . The chassis, made by Westrex, looks older than the cabinet (back boards with rounded corners) and its serial number plate. A number of the original black WIMA Tropydur caps survive. Resistors are white Eries.

Serial number 7316 N - currently in Europe

Dimpled black vinyl. Currently (April 2020) .

Serial number 7324 N - currently in the UK

Serial number plate and screws only (sold on ebay).


Serial number 7400 B - currently in the UK

Radiused corners to the backboards top and bottom. Thanks to Gordon for the pictures.

Serial number 7426 N - currently in the UK

Dimpled black/charcoal vinyl; Albion transformers. Note the serial number plate - "AMPLIFIER" alone instead of "VOX AMPLIFIER" at its head.


Serial number 7475 B - currently in the Netherlands

Currently (September 2020) , the original red vinyl cover still extant. Vinyl is black pebble (dimpled).

Serial number 7514 (?) - currently in the UK

Chassis number 02468. Dimpled black/charcoal vinyl. The chassis assembled by Burndept Electronics for Vox - note that the chassis number is stamped on the aluminium upright of the preamp.

Serial number 7565 - currently in the USA

Existence recorded by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 7752 - currently in Europe

Serial number 7856 B - currently in the UK

Only the box is really relevant here as the chassis has been replaced with a Vox valvetronic amp. Dimpled black/charcoal vinyl.

Serial number 7862 B - currently in the UK

Chassis assembled by Westrex. The transformers are Albions. Note the presence of the new style "egg" footswitch.

Serial number 7865 - currently in the USA

Existence recorded by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 7925 N - currently in the UK

The amplifier section of a Super Twin. Black "dimpled" or "pebble" vinyl. Chassis assembled by Westrex. Mains transformer replaced. The gold-coloured TCC bypass caps in the preamp have the date code "UC" = March 1963.