Documents - the Vox AC30/4 and Vox AC30/6

later 1960 and 1961

Below, a selection of documents relevant to the AC30 in the second half of 1960 and 1961 - some part of a large batch sent by JMI in 1961 to an enquirer who lived in Hull.

The principal change outlined is the move to the new six-input AC30 - the AC30/6. An AC30/4 bought before 1st October 1961 could be had at the old price of 95 guineas (£99 5s). A new AC30/6 Twin would, as a special introduction, be 100 guineas (£105). The price thereafter: 105 guineas (£105 5s).

In 1962 the price of the AC30N went up to 115 guineas (£105 15s); the AC30B was 120 gns (£106).

The page on documents from 1962 is .

"Melody Maker" magazine, 9th July, 1960. Shirley Douglas and Chas McDevitt.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 30th July, 1960. Shirley Douglas and Chas McDevitt. The newness in question was the advent of the AC30/6 and doubtless the new split front cabinets.

Also "Melody Maker", 30th July, 1960 - "Paul's Music Studio". Paul was in fact Paul Jennings, son of Tom, and manager of the shop at 88 Broadway, Bexleyheath - better known as "Musicland".

"Melody Maker" magazine, 19th November, 1960. The AC30/6 is 89 guineas; the AC AC30/4 is 85 gns. There is also an AC30/4 Bass model at 89 gns.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 7th January, 1961. The AC30/6 is now 95 guineas. The AC30/4 Normal and Bass remain at 85gns and 89gns respectively.

JMI brochure for "Musicland" in Bexleyheath, 1960 - probably mid 1961. The only AC30 mentioned is the AC30/4 Bass model.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 20th May, 1961, the AC30 in view said to be "New" - re-stated in the first line of the text: "new series amplifiers" - corresponding to the "List of Changes" noted on the circuit diagram, 8th May 1961.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 16th September, 1961. The AC30/4 is still listed.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 23rd September, 1961. The AC30/6 alone listed - no mention of the AC30/4.

JMI reply to the original response for brochures and pricelists.

JMI Announcement, October 1961 - the end of the AC30/4 and the arrival of the AC30 Super Twin.

Pricelist to accompany the JMI Announcement, above. The new AC30/6 is 100 guineas.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 28th October, 1961. The first mention of the AC30 Super Twin - the "Super Twin de Luxe" = Super Twin I - in these adverts.

The next JMI pricelist, still October 1961 (note the "10/61" in the lower right hand corner of the reverse). The new AC30/6 is £105 (= 100 guineas); the Super Twin I is £131 5 shillings (= 125 guineas).