Documents - the Vox AC30/6 and the Super Twins


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Melody Maker magazine, 16th March, 1962.  The AC30 represented in beige covering

"Melody Maker" magazine, 16th March, 1963. The AC30 represented in beige covering.

Melody Maker magazine, 12th October, 1963
Melody Maker magazine, 12th October, 1963

"Melody Maker" magazine, 2nd February, 1963, promoting the new AC10 SRT. Prices of the amplifiers available from JMI are given beneath.

Vox Week - which became a fortnight - at Gamlin Pianos, Cardiff, mid February 1963. The shop had become an agent for Jennings by the autumn of 1962. The prices in the advert correspond with those printed in "Melody Maker", above.

Gamlins Pianos, 11th February, 1963

A flyer (with pricelist on the reverse) probably from early Spring 1963. Also on the reverse, the stamp of "Rose & Son" music shop, possibly in Brighton.

Two editions of the "The Shadows Modern Electric Guitar Tutor", 1963. The second edition followed fairly quickly on the heels of the first with much the same principal content, but different Vox adverts, and an improved picture of the Phantom guitar on its cover.

Second but last page. The last has pics of Vox guitars.

The standard picture of the AC30 in beige with a note to say that the amps used by The Shadow (illustrated in the body of the book) were in black.

Dynamic Vibravox.

Page from the second edition of "The Shadows Modern Electric Guitar Tutor" - the AC10 SRT (75 guineas), the AC30 Twin Normal (110 gns), AC15 Normal (80 gns), and the AC30 Super Twin (135 gns) - prices as in the Melody Maker advert of 2nd Feb. 1963 above.

May 1963. Clockwise from top left: Continental organ; Vox Super Ace guitar; Cliff Richard Echo unit; Phantom Bass; Jennings D2 Organ; T60 Bass set; Volume Pedal; AC30 Twin; J10 Univox; Vox Consort guitar.

Below, Jennings adverts in the first two "Beat Monthly" issues - May and June 1963. Note the change in the depictions of a "standard" AC30 from beige to black. But such ads are in themselves never a wholly reliable means of dating changes.

AC30s had in any case been issued in dark coverings (albeit as a non-standard thing) since 1961.

Beat Monthly magazine, May 1963

"Beat Monthly" magazine, May 1963.

Beat Monthly magazine, June 1963

"Beat Monthly" magazine, June 1963.

Beat Monthly magazine, July 1963

"Beat Monthly" magazine, July 1963.

Photo taken in the summer of 1963. Paul has his new Super twin amplifier section. Note that the chrome stands are of the new type, with lugs to retain the amplifier, rather than a "tray".

One of the early reuses of the photo above - Beatles Christmas Show programme, 1963. It was during the Christmas concerts however that the advert became obsolete. In late December, Paul received an AC80/100, John and George AC50s.

"Melody Maker", autumn 1963. "Freddie and the Dreamers" with their new AC30s.

A promotional brochure - "Vox People" - from 1963, Freddie and the Dreamers with their blue AC30 Twins on one of the inner pages.

Beat Monthly magazine, September 1963

"Beat Monthly" magazine, September 1963.

September 1963. One of a series of Trade Marks taken out by Jennings and announced in the British Music Press - the "Vox Twin 30".

Beat Monthly magazine, October 1963

"Beat Monthly" magazine, October 1963.

JMI pricelist attached to the large fold-out black-and-white catalogue, late 1962

Pricelist attached to the large fold-out "Choice of the Stars" black-and-white catalogue, late 1963. As below, the AC30N is now 115 guineas. The AC30B is 120 gns.

Front and back of a JMI flyer/pricelist, late 1962
Front and back of a JMI flyer/pricelist, summer 1963

Front and back of a JMI flyer/pricelist, later 1963. The prices correspond with those in the Musicland pricelist below. The front of the flyer was designed (and published) in the summer of 1962, however.

JMI pricelist for Musicland, 1963
JMI pricelist for Musicland, 1963

JMI pricelist for "Musicland" in Bexleyheath.

Melody Maker magazine, 12th October, 1963

"Melody Maker" magazine, 12th October, 1963 - an AC30/6 with Top Boost, the same price as a standard Super Twin.

Melody Maker, 19th October, 1963

"Melody Maker", 19th October, 1963.

Melody Maker, 2nd November, 1963

"Melody Maker", 2nd November, 1963.

Melody Maker, 9th November, 1963

"Melody Maker", 9th November, 1963.

Melody Maker, 16th November, 1963

"Melody Maker", 16th November, 1963.

Melody Maker, 21st December, 1963

"Melody Maker", 21st December, 1963.