Documents - the Vox AC2/30

Also the G1/10, AC1/15, portable Vibravox, and accessories


The material gathered on this page relates principally to the , released for sale in late 1957 (first adverts in November).

Further items will be added shortly - principally text references. Documents relating to the AC30 in 1958 .

The Jennings AC2/30, October 1957

The earliest dated reference that has come to light for the single-speaker AC2/30 - described in a piece by John England, "Accent on Amplification", published in the music trade press, October 1957. It seems likely that the amp was ready in some form for the round of Trade Shows in August / September of that year.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 16th November, 1957.

"Melody Maker" magazine, 16th November, 1957, detail.

"Accordion Times", December 1957.

"Accordion Times", December 1957, detail

"Accordion Times", December 1957

"Accordion Times", December 1957, detail, Jack Emblow and his band at the BBC.

Jennings sales sheet for the Vibravox - part of a package of circuit diagrams sent to New Zealand in 1967, so marked "Cancelled". Thanks to Laura at the Lower Hutt archive for the image.