Documents - the Vox AC2/30

Also the G1/10, AC1/15, portable Vibravox, and accessories


The material gathered on this page relates principally to the , released for sale in late 1957 (first adverts in November of that year). Also encompassed in the ads below are the Electro-Bass, pedals, microphones, the portable Vibravox unit, and the G1/10 and AC1/15 amplifiers, the former designed in 1955 and evidently still avaliable in May 1958, the latter first advertised for sale in December 1957.

Further material from "Melody Maker" magazine will be added shortly. Pages on 1957 and 1959 will be available soon too. Documents relating to the AC30 in 1960-1961 .

Accordion Times

Below, the adverts promoting amplifiers and amplifier accessories placed by JMI in "Accordion Times" magazine, 1958:

January 1958.

January 1958. Detail: the Vibravox unit.

March 1958.

March 1958. Detail: the new style Vibravox unit.

March 1958. Detail: Henry Klein and the Montmartre Players with an AC2/30.

April 1958.

April 1958. Detail of prices: the G1/10, AC1/15 and AC2/30 amplifiers; and the Vibravox unit.

September 1958. Martin Lukins with two AC1/15s.

October 1958. Martin Lukins with two AC1/15s.

Jennings catalogue, February/March 1958

Page from the Jennings catalogue of 1958, printed by Jim Elyea from Martin Kelly's copy. The Vibravox unit illustrated is in the new style case, first shown in February 1958 - compare "Accordion Times", Jan. 1958 (above), with "Melody Maker", Feb. 1958 (further below).

Jennings catalogue, February/March 1958.

Melody Maker magazine

Note that the AC2/30 had already been advertised in "Melody Maker" magazine in November 1957 (and in "Accordion Times" in December '57).

Along the bottom of the adverts are thumbnail sketches of: the Jennings volume pedal; adjustable guitar pickup; Vibravox unit; Accordion microphone; G1/10 amplifier; Electro-Bass; and the AC2/30.

11th January 1958.

8th February 1958.

22nd February 1958. Not a "Bulletin". The Electro-Bass at 57 guineas; the AC2/30 without vibrato 62 guineas; and with vibrato 70 guineas.

22nd February 1958. Detail of the above.

8th March 1958.

22nd March 1958. The two versions of the AC2/30 have been reduced in price by 8 guineas. But note, in the advert placed in "Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar), May 1958 (lower down this page), the prices are 62 and 70 guineas again.

22nd March 1958. Detail.

12th April 1958.

26th June 1958.

26th July 1958.

Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar magazine

The "Bulletins of the JMI Electronics Division" in BMG take a slightly different form from those published in Melody Maker magazine. The thumbnails of equipment along the lower edges are in the same order though.

January 1958.

February 1958.

March 1958.

April 1958.

May 1958.

October 1958.