Vox AC30: copper panels

Early 1964: serial numbers in the 10000s

Serial number 10472N.

Continued from the page on AC30s with . Also encompassed below, are the earliest - AC30s with two 15" speakers in a larger cabinet, designated AC30X on their serial number plates, some chassis with top boost controls on the main panel.

One also finds at this point standard Twins and Super Twins with in-panel top boost (see serial number 10348, below).

Documents relating to the AC30 in 1964 are being assembled .

Vox contracted out the assembly of AC30 chassis to two companies: Burndept Electronics in Erith, and Westrex in Dollis Hill (north London). A sure sign of production by Burndept is the presence of a stamped serial number on the aluminium upright of the preamp chassis (normally on the right hand side a little way below the voltage selector):

Detail of serial number 9916. Chassis number 02607. The sequence began at 1000, but chassis awaiting assembly were not used in any particular order.

Also indicative of production by Burndept at this stage is the presence of Woden transformers with handsome green shrouds. Serial numbers in the 10000s have date codes for late 1963 - "KU" and "MU", respectively September and December; and early 1964 - "AV" and "BV", respectively January and February:

Serial number 10317 - date codes are "KU" = October 1963, and "MU" = December 1963.

The Woden part numbers were, in order: mains transformer 72318; output transformer no. 66310; and the choke no. 66311.

A good indication that a chassis was assembled by Westrex is the presence of Albion tranformers. Dark brown Dubilier resistors are found along with white Eries.

Cabinets are for the most part covered in black basketweave vinyl, though "pebble" ("dimpled") vinyl was evidently used from time to time. Back boards as a rule now have radiused corners rather than square.

Speakers in "standard" AC30s continue to be the Celestion blue (alnico magnet, Celestion part no. T530). The Expanded Frequency amplifiers initially have Celestion T900 and T1074 ceramic 15" drivers.

Serial number plates are still hand stamped.

Just to note again, "N" indicates "Normal" voicing (schematic OA/026 and OS/065), "B" is bass voicing. No early schematic survives for the bass circuit, though in relevant respects most amps (from 1962 on) follow OS/065, drawn in September 1964.

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Serial number 10081 B - currently in the UK

A Super Twin amplifier section. Albion transformers.

Serial number 10140 - currently in the USA

Existence reported by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 10261 B - currently in the UK

Sold on ebay in June 2006. Described by the seller as having blue speakers, but the picture on the auction page showed a later silver.

Serial number 10317 N - currently in Canada

Serviced by Alan Pyne, who took over 119 Dartford Road when Tom Jenning's new company - "Jennings Electronic Industries" - folded in 1975.

Serial number 10325 N - currently in the UK

Replaced grille cloth and painted vinyl, but still in good working order. Original Celestion T530s are present. The handles are of the type with plain rectangles in place of the normal Vox logo. These were used for a short time in 1964. Thanks to Bryn for the pictures.

Serial number 10348 N - currently in Australia

A beautifully clean standard AC30 Twin with integral top boost (controls in the main control panel). Note the presence too of the original cover. Transformers are Haddons (rather than Albions or Wodens). The chassis was assembled by Westrex. Note the presence of brown Dubilier resistors in the preamp. Further pictures .

Serial number 10356 N - currently in the UK

Just the serial number plate with the shop plaque of . Sold on ebay, Nov. 2020.

Expanded Frequency AC30

Serial number 10457 - currently in Germany

Standard black "basketweave" covering. No integral top boost, so perhaps a substitute chassis. Original Celestion drivers in place.

Expanded Frequency AC30

Serial number 10459 - currently in the USA

Expanded Frequency AC30

Serial number 10471 - whereabouts unknown

Blurry pictures from years ago, but the serial number is legible nonetheless.

Serial number 10472 N - currently in the UK

Still part of the main AC30 numerical sequence, a Super Twin.

Serial number 10500 - currently in the USA

Existence reported by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 10578 N - currently in the UK

Smooth vinyl. The chassis has top boost in panel. The date codes on the Woden mains and output transformers is "MU" = December 1963. The choke has "JU" = September '63.

Serial number 10627 N - currently in the UK

Serial number 10646 N

Serial number plate alone, sold in 2015.

Expanded Frequency AC30

Serial number 10672 N - currently in the USA

Pebble charcoal covering. Top boost in panel; original speakers in place. The main preamp filter capacitor has the date code "UG" = August 1963. The transformers are Albions.

Serial number 10777 N - currently in the UK

A still from a clip of the amp on youtube.

Serial number 10900 - currently in the USA

Existence reported by Jim Elyea.

Serial number 10942 - currently in the UK

Sold by a member of the Denney family. Woden output and mains transformers have the date code "AV" = January 1964. The choke has something different - probably "BV" = February 1964. Covering smooth dark grey vinyl.

Serial number 10945 B - currently in the UK

Top Boost added on the back panel at factory. Pebble (dimpled) vinyl.


Currently in Japan

Note the integral top boost controls in the copper panel.

Currently in the UK

Sold on ebay in January 2007. Integral top boost controls in the copper panel, as in the amp above.

Serial number unknown - currently in Japan

Top boost in panel.

Serial number unknown - currently in Japan

The serial number plate (751xN) comes from another amp. The cabinet has basketweave vinyl and black vents. On the chassis, top boost in panel. The transformers are Albions.