Vox AC30: copper panels

Mid 1964: serial numbers in the 13000s

Serial number 13016, amp model and the number itself now machine stamped.

Continued from the page on AC30s with . Also encompassed below, Super Twins with numbers in the main AC30 sequence - Super Twins (and Super Twin Reverbs) by this point had a sequence of their own beginning at .

Throughout the 13000s, as in the case of amps with numbers in the 12000s, one finds three models: the "Treble", designated with a "T" on its serial number plate; "Normal" voicing designated by an "N", and Bass designated "B". All three had their own schematics, in order: OS/056, OS/065 and OS/057. Some notes on the treble circuit, which was new in 1964, can be found .

"TB" - also stamped on the plate - indicates that the amp was fitted with the Top Boost circuit.

Documents relating to the AC30 in 1964 are being assembled .

At present, the only component date codes visible in amps on this page are those of the Mullard mustard capacitors in serial number 13556 - "A4N" and "B4N" = first and second quarter of '64.

Note that no Woden transformers are pictured on this page. This may simply be due to accident - the photos below do not always show chassis. But it is well to bear in mind that in mid 1964 Woden was prompted by JMI to come up with a simplified set of transformers. The earliest of these have August date codes and a revised set of "part" numbers. See .

As mentioned at the head of this page, serial number plates are normally machine stamped. The voicing - "N", "T" or "B" - is still hand stamped, however.

The page on AC30s with serial numbers in the 11000s, , and the page on serial numbers in the .

AC30s with serial numbers in the 13000s seem slightly thinner on the ground than others from 1964. If anyone knows of further amps that should be incorporated on this page, .

Serial number 13015 B - only the plate

This plate was added by an ebay seller to a Super Twin box from late 1962. Inside the box, a much later chassis.

Serial number 13016 B - currently in Europe

Serial number 13031 - currently in the USA

Chassis number 6138.

Serial number 13098 T - currently in the UK

Still with its original cover, with "VOX" in cursive script. The amplifier has a grey control panel with integral top boost.

Serial number 13240 - currently in the UK

As below, a Super Twin with a serial number in the Twin sequence.

Serial number 13273 T - currently in Europe

A Super Twin, its number in the main AC30 Twin sequence.

Serial number 13400 - currently in the USA

Existence reported by J. Elyea.

Serial number 13943 TB - currently in Holland

Chassis number 05263. Grey panel with integrated Top Boost. The Celestion blue has the date code "FG" = June 1962. The silver alnico has the code "AL" = January 1966. Thanks to Pim for the pictures.

Serial number 13556 T - currently in the UK

Albion transformers and brown Dubilier resistors, so the chassis assembled by Westrex for Vox. Note the mustard capacitors in the preamp - date codes are "A4N" and "A/64" = first quarter of 1964, and "B4N" = second quarter of 1964. Different pics of the amp appear on the page dedicated to .

Serial number 13572 TB - currently in the UK

Just the serial number plate, sold on ebay some time ago.


Serial number 13706 B - currently in the UK

The top part of a combo, sawn away to leave the section containing the amplifier. Link voltage selector. No further details at present.

Serial number 13966 T - currently in the UK

Chassis number 05681. One of the Mullard mustard capacitors has the date code "B/64" = second quarter of 1964. The box has been refurbished.

Serial number 13993 T - currently in the UK